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The wall of the entrepreneur

An entrepreneur can have many good ideas to form a business and can also have many qualities, however, almost everyone can have some fears and doubts

ISIS the Beginning of the End

The Islamic State and its impact on the world. Islamic State or IS, also called ISIS by its acronym in English (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria),

Employee vs Entrepreneur

In the labor aspect there are two major areas, basically, they would be those that really define what work is since ancient times, on the one hand we have

The creativity of the entrepreneur

What relationship does entrepreneurship have with creativity? Throughout history we have always found in creatives, characters who have performed great feats

Creativity or Intelligence What do you prefer?

This article is dedicated to those people who feel that they do not have the "gift" of creativity and therefore may feel stagnant. We are going to show certain practices that you must do to improve your creativity.

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